Frequently Asked Questions

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  • When you want to test the credibility of a backlink, you can check its DA and PA and other factors that can be best checked at Backlinks Database, one of the authentic sites with a detailed database of do-follow links.

  • With the appropriate google profile, you can get the quality of your backlinks by reviewing the referral reports; moreover, there is a complete procedure listed at the Backlinks Database to get the insights.

  • When you want to find backlinks for a specific page, you can explore through the search console and learn the tutorial from the backlinks database. Our site can help you get the backlinks redirected to a specific page.

  • At Backlinks Database, you will not only be provided all the verified backlink sources from where you can boost your SERPS and get quality backlinks. Our database provides you with the backlink sites but can also help you know the ways to achieve results.

  • Everyone whims to find the quality links, but the question here is about the quality of backlinking generated from higher authority sites, especially those that fall into your category. The higher quality of backlinks can upsurge your SEO ranking.

  • When a link is generated from spam sites and low-traffic sites that are no-follow, it cannot benefit your site. There are many downsides to the low-quality backlinks as they can negatively impact your site for the search engines.

  • When you are a beginner, you can analyze the backlinks profile; you can get them through guest posting sites, article submission sites, and various ways. When you delve for quality backlinks generation ideas, you will find no better option than Backlinks Database.

  • When you want to rank your site with the help of backlinks, around 40 to 60 would be preferred. You can begin creating backlinks from the high domain authority websites. The backlinks that can be favourable are the ones that are according to your niche.

  • When you reach Backlinks Database with more robust and high DA backlinks data, you will not have to worry as you can select your category and get to know the top-ranked sites that will help you get the backlinks and develop your website’s authority.

  • Yes, it is one of the convenient websites with a user-centric interface as it provides exceptional data to explore; it caters to your needs for all types of backlink sites with the best DA and PA. You can find quality backlinks and get higher rankings.

  • When you visit Backlinks Database will provide you exceptional results, and the data includes backlinks database, guest posting database, and countrywide citations. There are many options available when it is about getting credible data.

  • You can get the backlinks analysis by analyzing your competitor's backlinks and the quality of websites that provide you with backlinks or the particular piece of the content. You can check all of the backlinks that are redirecting to your page.

  • Generally, Backlinks take up to 5-10 weeks to make an impact; they will rank and get your site’s traffic boosted. Backlinks positively impact your website, provide you with excellent results, and help improve your site’s SEO If used at best.

  • It is the procedure of building links on the websites with community and forum for the discussions. The user receives a link from the categories of their choice you will get the target audience from that link.

  • When you use a url shortener you will create aesthetically pleasing links that can help you to fetch heavy traffic to your website. With url shortener sites your SEO can get better and have a positive impact.

  • When you want to get your business ranked for the generation of leads in citation building your business name, website and physical address is mentioned on the link site.You will get authority when you select citation link building country-wise from our site.

  • When you use the web 2.0 platforms for the backlinks it becomes free from problems, you can control the converting of the content and carry the ginormous ranking power. It can leave a sturdy impact to your site and make it top-of-the-line.

  • There are various ways to ping backlinks by finding the ping submission section on Backlinks Database opening these credible and verified sites and selecting the option to ping your backlinks, there are free and paid plans of the sites that will accept your ping.

  • Yes, When you use the keyword tactics to get backlinks from a press release it can help to boost your SEO and you will receive the links from the press releases. At Backlinks Database we can help you drive traffic by providing you do-follow press release submission sites.

  • Profile creation sites are also referred to as profile linking sites, it is one of the authoritative ways of generating backlinks. There shall be a healthy profile to get the authoritative backlinks generation.

  • It is also an important technique for backlinks generation as you are provided results by presenting your content in the form of slides and presentations, at Backlinks Database we have an array of sites that can provide you links.

  • These are some of the links that are made with the help of external sources. It is one of the sites that allow you to submit your links and get traffic through these. These pages are also referred to as the yellow pages that list your website URL on their directory.