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Upgrade your promotion game

New businesses often fail to promote their brand effectively. They waste a lot of money on advertisements that don’t even work. One great way is to use backlinks to press release websites that do the promotion for you.

With our free press release sites list, you will be able to tell about new products, services, and offers that your company has to offer. We at best Backlinks Database have collected the best backlinks sites for your submission. Additionally, we guide you on how to make the most useful PR submissions. You wouldn’t have to worry about making blunders in your promotion anymore!

Top benefits of PR

To make the most out of your press release distribution, it is important to stand out from your competition and choose the best websites to ensure quality exposure. We make sure to only have the sites with the highest DA and PA, to offer the best services to our clients. 

This is where we will help you. With our help, you will see all the benefits of PR in no time! It is an essential step that all businesses have to take to succeed.


We offer a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for your startup. With Backlinks Database, you can submit ads to press release submission sites free backlinks. It is a much more cost-effective way to get our business out there without having to spend fortunes on advertisements. 


The possibilities are endless with exposure opportunities! Not only do you reach your target audience, but you also get potential investors. Once they see your ad on affluent PR websites, trust is created and they are more willing to sponsor your brand. You will launch your business to the next level! A lot of new customers are also attracted due to high traffic PR websites.

Website-Title Category DA PA Action


Communicating with your customers is key to effective management. With news and updates coming in through press release distribution, trust for your brand is increased. Increase customer satisfaction with our help now!

SEO improvement

Boost your SEO for peak traffic generation. Everything is online now, so why not your business? SEO helps people see your brand, it increases visibility. With our well-researched free press release sites list, your return will be off the charts. 

Reputation building 

People trust your products only after they find your brand reliable. After careful examination, we have all the sites with authority to back you up. Your reputation among customers, journalists, and the media will rise greatly. This makes your business relevant in the market.

Marketing and promotion 

PR is the best strategy to make your brand stand out and generate insane sales. With our database of press release submission sites free, you will be able to market your brand in the best way possible. It keeps your ads up to date as it’s very popular among people. 

Use our backlinks now for guaranteed results. Don’t miss out on the biggest opportunity for your business. 

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