How Does Page Speed Affect SEO

Page speed is the measure of time a site takes to get loaded. Also, it affects SEO, but it is possible to increase website speed.

You have a proper business to start. The high-quality content is properly uploaded. Then why are you not getting better results? Well, the answer is also improving your website speed. It is because visitors will not pay any attention to your website when it is not running swiftly. They will move to the next site which takes much less time to load. Therefore, it is important to have surety about the smoothness of your website. Also, website SEO is greatly affected. It is a time to get advice from experienced or expert persons. We are here to help avoid these problems. All you have to do is just keep in mind some simple points. You will get ensurety about your website speed. 


Does SEO Get Influenced By Page Speed?

Yes, page speed performance has a great influence on Search Engine Optimization. What will happen if your site’s session and bounce rate get influenced? Obviously, it will affect your Website SEO. Keeping in mind this factor, it is the main reason to increase or decrease traffic on your website. 


What Page Speed Is?

Page speed is about measuring the load time of content on your page. There is another term site speed. People mostly confuse site speed and page speed. But site speed is how fast a visitor can see a website's content and see it. But, two terms better describe the term page speed. They are “time to first byte” and “page load time.” Despite it, file size, server quality, and compression of image influence the page speed.

How Can Website Speed Be Improved?

You must go through some tips to improve your website speed. They are as follows;

  1. Proper website code usage

  2. Reducing resources

  3. CDN usage

  4. Reducing HTTP requests

  5. Image optimization

  6. Increase the media files quality

  7. Browser caching authorization

  8. Using a reliable web host


Proper Website Code Usage

Website coding plays a vital role in improving website speed. But the coding to be used must be proper and error-free. If the running time of your website is slower than the expected time. It is better to get surety about relevant code optimization. But how will your website operate faster than before? The removal of irrelevant characters, spaces, and commas from the website code allows it to work much faster. 


Reducing Resources

It is important to keep in mind some factors that leave a negative influence on website speed. They may be CSS file usage. They will cause HTTP requests, impacting your website speed in a negative way. Therefore, reducing these CSS files will cause the removal of useless characters and symbols. Those are the primary reasons to make your website speed slower.


CDN Usage

There is a group of servers in CDN (Content delivery network). They work together to provide us with greater speed internet facilities Therefore, it is also a key factor in allowing your website to run smoothly and faster. You can download them from the nearest servers very quickly. They aid in increasing your website speed. The content is delivered and the user is easily identified via it.


Image Optimization

The images take greater time to get loaded on the website. It is because they are larger-size than CSS files and HTML. Therefore, your website speed can also be slower due to the greater amount of images uploaded. Enabling image compression can help here. The images will get downloaded in no time via it. And your website speed will be improved.


Browser Caching Authorization

It is also vital to keep in mind that resources also influence your website speed in a negative way. Getting outside help so that your website speed gets increased influences SEO. The new visitors will not get to see your website content. If more people are opening your website straight away. The speed of your website will ultimately be slower due to it. If you authorize browser caching, some sort of information will be stored temporarily. It may be pictures, javascript files, and styling sheets as well. Therefore, allowing browser caching can increase your website speed. The page will also get loaded in no more time if traffic is higher.

Increasing Media Files Quality

We all know large-sized videos and pictures can also slow down your website speed. But it can be avoided by putting videos and images in suitable pixels and formats. You will get ensured of the fast speed of your website. 


To conclude, it is better to keep in mind factors affecting your website speed. Your website speed will increase in no time required. Also, you will have great SEO results, ranking your website higher on google.