How To Get Access To The Top Backlinks Websites?

How do I start building backlinks? Which sites do I have to use for effective SEO? We have all the answers you need. Find out the best strategies here.

If you are serious about your business's SEO and traffic generation, building quality backlinks is crucial. For new businesses, this can seem like a labyrinth. But with the appropriate techniques, you can learn to navigate it and get exceptional results.

The Backbone OF SEO Backlinks 

To make the top SEO backlinks sites notice you, you have to create the best content in the market. 

When you ask a reputable site for backlinks, it will likely get ignored. These sites have a flood of generic requests every day so you better make your pitch stand out!

  1. Understand What The Site Wants 

Before you show the site your content, understand the audience. Research the type of content guest posting sites have on their site. In your pitch, you have to tell about how your backlinks will benefit the site. Such as:

  • Content relevancy

  • An authorized site 

  • Exceptional, lengthy text

Make the pitch short and impactful by using the right words and capturing attention. 

  1. Relevant Information

Great content comes from learning from the most popular articles online. You have to observe your competition and do better. Be so good that they can't ignore you. Look at the title, description, and word count. 

The information should be detailed and provide more than the competition. Additionally, it should be clear and creative to make the audience curious. Include these in your content:

  • Unique information related to the backlinks site

  • Add attractive infographics and images 

  • Well researched article

Where Are All The Quality Sites?

Now that we have understood how to create compelling content and pitch, it's time to find the right links. Every new brand starts slow but with time the links are easier to get. 

Answer Questions Related To Your Niche 

Before moving on to business directory sites, it is a good idea to visit question-and-answer sites like Quora and Reddit. 

But keep in mind that you link it naturally and don’t spam the site. Look for queries related to your industry and provide the best answer possible. You can link your blog posts in the answer. Create value for the reader and don’t add irrelevant information. 

Use Credible Backlink Listing Websites

When you google backlinks, there will be countless websites listing backlinks. Unfortunately, most of them are generic and lack authority. When you use professional websites with a wide backlinks database, you will get only the most relevant and authoritative links. 

Moreover, these free backlink listing sites offer a variety of backlinks to diversify and strengthen your brand’s outreach. These include business directories, classified sites, and guest posting sites. 

These backlink lists are so beneficial because experts review every backlink and make ensure its authority and high rank on google. 

Reviews and Testimonials 

Businesses always look to expand their business and if you help them with it, backlinks are a given! 

When you review a company's product, its credibility and reputation improve. Businesses will look for quality comprehensive reviews. 

This is how you can go about it:

  • List down your favorite products that have genuinely helped

  • Reach out to your backlink site’s marketing team and offer a testimonial 

  • Use tangible data and video reviews for a better testimonial 

Use The Skyscraper Technique

All is in the name. This strategy involves choosing a particular topic and creating the best content. Its quality should be above anything that is found on the web. 

After that, you contact the backlink site with weaker content and offer them better options. Obviously, they want to improve their content so they happily give you a backlink! Here is how you do it:

  1. Search and pick a relevant keyword with a high search volume 

  2. Create exceptional content packed with the right information. Increase the length, aesthetics, and authority of your content

  3. Make an email outreach campaign. Look at all the backlinks your competitors use and email them to get backlink sites too. When your content is better, they will definitely choose you.

There are other techniques to get you the top backlink websites. They include:

  • Featuring trusted influencers in your articles 

  • Look for authors who want links 

  • Use social media to build Public Relations (PR)

Once you utilize all of these techniques, your backlink profile will give you outstanding results.