How to Improve Website Speed. How Does Page Speed Affect SEO

does your website take so much time to download? If you want to know the solution, here is the complete guide.

When you create a website for any service, you provide and do the best SEO practice to rank your website on google, but you still achieve no results. There is something else you need to improve, which is website speed. When a person visits your website and it doesn't download promptly, users may take no interest in it. 

Website speed is essential to run the website smoothly internally and externally. Users get bored with such a website that takes so much time to download the page. Moreover, they leave and open another site which runs faster than yours. This may affect your website SEO.

Therefore, if you face such issues, you must make sure your website runs smoothly. For this purpose, you need an expert's advice. So, here we are to assist you. If you want to make your website run faster, you need to follow the instructions, including some essential steps.

Does Page Speed Affect SEO?

Yes, the performance of your page speed directly affects SEO. You probably heard that page speed is an essential factor for google ranking factor. Moreover, a few years back, Google rolled out a page speed update that specifically lowered the site's ranking that loaded slowly.

The research shows that the page speed of a website affects SEO. It affects your website's bounce rate and session time, which impacts SEO. Therefore, when you increase the site's speed, then it generates more traffic.

What is Page Speed?

Page speed is the time that a website page takes to load and show its service. It is just like the site speed, which is about taking time to load the website; page speed is about the time a website page takes to load and show the content.

Tips To Improve Website Speed

Many factors directly affect website speed. If you are facing the same issues with your website, follow the tips professionals have shared.

  • Enable browser caching

  • Use a proper website code

  • Reduce resources

  • Reduce images 

  • Use CDN

  • Increase the quality of media files

  • Reduce HTTP requests

  • Use a reliable web host

Enable Browser Caching

You have no idea how resources negatively impact your site's speed. When you fetch the outside help to speed up your website, it affects the SEO. When a large number of people open the website at once, it lowers the speed of your site, and new visitors are not able to see the content. When you enable browser caching, it temporarily stores information like JavaScript files, styling sheets and pictures. When you allow the browser coaching, it increases the speed of your website and loads the web pages faster when traffic increases.

Use Proper Website Code.

The speed of a website can be significantly increased by using accurate, appropriate website coding. Make sure the relevant code is optimised if you notice that your website is running slower than expected. Remove extraneous characters, commas, and spaces from the code to make your website operate quicker.

Reduce Resources

Using more CSS files causes HTTP requests, which negatively impact the website's speed. So, it is essential to reduce the CSS file, which eliminates unnecessary symbols and characters in your content that causes slow speed.

Reduce Images 

When you put too many or large size images in your content, it automatically decreases the speed of your website. Too many or large-size ideas take much time to download. Therefore, when these images take time, websites automatically get slower. Thus, the visitors get bored and leave the site on the spot. Enable image compression on your site. It may help to decrease the time that images take to download. When images download immediately, then the website will take less time to open.


CDN is an essential way to load the website and run smoothly. These are the network of servers that can be used to store the version of your website in different locations on google. Anyone can easily download them from the nearest servers.

CDN immediately identifies the user and delivers the content on the spot. In this way, users do not wait longer or leave the website. It is helpful to speed up the website speed and generate traffic.

Increase The Quality OF Media Files

The larger size picture and videos on your website can cause a slow speed of your website. Moreover, it negatively affects the SEO of your site. Especially when a person opens your website through a mobile phone, it will take so much time to download. Put the images and videos in the suitable image format and pixel to ensure your fast speed of the website. It is the best idea to use images in PNG or JPG form because these files open quickly and show high-quality content.

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